Professor Chittaranjan S Yajnik

Director, Diabetes Unit, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Research Centre Pune, India

Professor Yajnik, MD, FRCP, is the Director of the Diabetes Unit at the King Edward Memorial Hospital and Research Centre in Pune, India. He trained in Pune University and in Oxford, UK. He specializes in clinical care, patient education and research in causes of diabetes in India. His special interest is to investigate the high susceptibility of Indians to diabetes and related disorders.He is well known for his description of the ‘thin-fat’ Indian, which describes the fact that though not obese by international criteria Indians are adipose (high body fat percent). Professor Yajnik specializes in intrauterine programming of diabetes and has demonstrated a possible role for maternal micronutrient nutrition in its aetiology..

Professor Yajnik is a founder member and the Vice President of SNEHA India (Society for Natal Effects on Health in Adults) and a founder member of the International DOHaD Society (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease). He is an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Medical Reseach Council LifecourseEpidemiology Unit, Southampton, UK; a visiting Professor at Peninsula Medical School, Exeter, UK; and an adjunct Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Pune, India. He is the recipient of the Helmut Mehnert award of International Diabetes Federation (2009), and the David Barker medal (2011) of the International DOHaD Society.Professor Yajnik is advisor to many national and international organizations, including Indian Department of Biotechnology, Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India, and the Wellcome Trust, London, UK

ADA-PRIMER Award Lecture-2020 for outstanding Indian researcher (Chittaranjan)
ADA-PRIMER Honour Lecture-2020 (Eugene Braunwald)