The conference is designed to bring recent advances, new concepts, clinical dilemmas and practice perspectives combining global and local expertise, wisdom and flavor. The faculty and scientific content have been chosen to ensure relevance to a spectrum of learners importantly clinical practitioners. The expertise and experience of the faculty has been harnessed in a uniquely designed program to maximize a seamless translation of advances in Diabetology and Endocrinology to your prescription and care strategy. Unique sessions, many of them interactive raise your learning to new levels. These include: Plenary: Science from the master’s perspective Clinical Case Seminars: Every day medicine gets an expert treatment Symposia: Getting the basics right in care Translating advances to future therapies: Which advance will become a standard of care? Debates: To know both sides of a coin Is there enough evidence or reason for? Questioning our beliefs An abstract or publication that changed my practice: Because practice changes one advance at a time